Sydney Harbour Jet Boat Ride Blast: 35 Minutes

The ride of your life! See Sydney Harbour at its best!

Venture out of Darling Harbour, jet to the closest calmest Harbour Bay and commence a mix of 270-degree spins, wild fish tails and awesome power brake stops all at 75km/h while a continual mix of music keeps the jet boat rockin!

This is the best way to experience the Harbour – its sights and sounds!


  • 35 minutes of pure fun
  • 75km/h – 270 spins
  • Power brake stops
  • Fish-tails
  • Music

Imagine racing at 75km per hour through Sydney Harbour, under the bridge, past the Sydney Opera House and the Australian Navy Fleet, before skimming around Fort Denison and the Prime Minister’s Sydney residence. Sit back and hang on while the full power of the Jet is unleashed and put through its paces of 270-degree spins, wild fish tails and awesome power brake stops.

During the adventure there is a continual mix of music that keeps the jet boats rockin’.

With fully qualified local skippers, individual bucket seats and handrails to ensure passenger safety plus the use of full-length spray jackets and dry pants. A selection of merchandise and souvenirs is available, as a memento of your experience, from the Bookings office and retail shop located at ‘Harbourside’ Darling Harbour.


35 minutes

Departs from

Sydney, Australia

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