Manly Fast Ferry

Manly Fast Ferry is an Australian, family-owned and operated company.

Our aim is to provide a safe, reliable and viable fast ferry commuter service for the people of Manly and the Northern Beaches.

On February 1st Manly Fast Ferry will begin operating a Tourist Service linking Manly, Darling Harbour and Circular Quay. Our Morning and Afternoon Fast Ferry timetable will remain the same until March 31st.

Tourists will be able to take advantage of the new service 7 days a week, with round trip tickets available from any departure point or one way tickets only between Circular Quay and Manly.

The new service will directly link three of the most popular tourist destinations in Sydney and provide a boost to the numbers of visitors to Manly.

The service will continue after the 1st of April 2010 and with the support of our patrons and the Manly Community we hope to continue to improve the service over the coming years.

Contract News

On December 23rd the state government of NSW decided to transfer the wharf access contract to another company beginning on April the 1st 2010.

Manly Fast Ferry is of course devastated by this announcement , we believe we have provided the best service possible at the best value to the people of Manly and the government of NSW. We do not believe that anyone will be able to match or better what we have provided.

Services will be operating as normal until the 31st of march 2010, our commitment to our passengers will not change.

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